Advocacy Without Borders: Connecting thousands of people with disabilities, mental health needs, seniors, families, workers, low income families to  disability rights, senior rights, civil rights and unified action.
 This is a group dedicated to living with Cerebral Palsy.
FNRC coordinates community resources such as education, recreation, health, rehabilitation and welfare for individuals with developmental disabilities.
I am a huge Lakers fan!!! I go to their games whenever I get the chance!
This is a great conference, specifically for augmentative communicators.
A great self-advocacy organization!
Another great self-advocacy organization! I am a board member for SABE.
Check out the projects that Self-Advocates are working on – their endeavors in art, business and education!
These guys are awesome! They print the T-Shirts that I sell at conferences and that will be on the website soon!
I am a member of this advocacy organization. I go to their convention every year!
My dad grew up in Chicago, and the Bears are his favorite team. Now I like them too!