Welcome, all, and thanks for visiting www.ryanduncanwood.net!

My name is Ryan Duncanwood, and I’m living proof that there is no such thing as “impossible”. There is so much fun to be had in life, and I don’t let anything stop me from experiencing as much as I can – and neither should you! I’ve made it my personal mission to encourage everyone, including persons with disabilities of any sort, realize their unlimited potential. We are all unique, and we all have so much to offer. I’ve devoted much of my time and energy to actively participating in organizations that share this vision. To find out more about these organizations, and how you can participate, take a minute to explore the sites I feature on my links page.

Need some inspiration? Check out the photo gallery to see some of the adventures I’ve had! I’m into sports – snow skiing, water-skiing and whitewater rafting, and I enjoy traveling as much as I can. I’ve criss-crossed the United States, speaking and exhibiting at conferences, making tons of great friends and taking in the sights. You can read about my trips on my new blog!

Want to make your statement to the world? I’ve designed a line of clothing called ABILITYWEAR that feature some of my favorite statements of empowerment. Items can be purchased from this website or directly from me at many of the events I attend. Also available from my store is a DVD about the first 30-years of my life.

My hope for this website is that it will inspire you to make your dreams into realities, and I’d love it if you’d visit me on Facebook and tell me about your own dreams and adventures!